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A wild dog chasing the sun! L.T.Leif stays wise, wise, wide. This is lo-fi freak folk written by mystic creatures and listened to floating on your back in cool water.

Leif is based out of Calgary, Alberta. She has found many admirers, from K Records maestro Calvin Johnson, who picked her for a compilation and tour presented by The Believer Magazine, to Canadian indie veteran Woodpigeon, who recruited her for the international pop collaboration Embassylights.  Leif plays drums, guitar, and synths, but here plucks a tenor ukulele and sings, throaty and transparent. This music has a dark heart, but a heart that believes deeply and equally in humanity and the complicated dirt. Rough beasts and shadowy brims, the cup of joy leaves a long and interesting shadow. A shadow which she traces, bringing us along with empathy and ease.

Past bands include HexRay, The Consonant C, Extra Happy Ghost!!! and OK JAZZ.

“Laura Leif is one of those special types of songwriters, the kind of artist that can stop a day in its tracks, pull it apart, bend it this way and that, and transport the listener somewhere else entirely.”

– Tom Johnson, Gold Flake Paint

Leif has many facets to her musical talent: folk songwriter, charming vocalist, intriguing ambient/electronic arranger, to name just a few. On ‘Shadow on the Brim/Rough Beasts’ she lets us have our cake and eat it too. We don’t have to make a choice — we can have it all.”
– Mark Anthony Brennan, Ride the Tempo

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press: jason@parachutepublicity.com
all other: laura.t.leif at gmail.com


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photos by Cody Oliver and Beatroute Mag,  respectively.


co-directed an artist-run centre that helps folks make and enjoy animation, including curating an international animation festival. For many years she directed the best fest of mess. She has helped with starting and running 2 all ages venues in her melancholy hometown of Calgary Alberta, which is rolling in dirty dough but has a good heart hiding. She makes animations and bad movie reenactments and writes poems and draws. She believes in mess and in the dark dirt.